Keystone Culture Group

We have transformed the fundamentals of a winning, high-performing organizational culture into a curriculum of evaluation tools, training, and techniques for leaders in healthcare organizations.

Culture in organizations is the human condition at work. Whether the operating at the level of the governing board, senior leadership, direct providers of care or care delivery support, people bring more to their jobs than skills, knowledge, and experience; they bring “who they are, “where they have been” “what they believe”, “what they hope to become” and an intrinsic need to “belong and contribute”.

Belief systems affect individuals’ perspectives on the culture of the work environment and, by extension, their behaviors and attitudes (and attitude is a behavior). Every organization will have a culture by design or default. If it is reasonable to assume that “culture is the human condition at work,” it is also reasonable to assume that culture affects the performance of organizations. For healthcare organizations, culture affects the quality of care, patient safety, the patient experience, and the satisfaction and engagement of those who provide care to patients. “Culture” is a construct that defines and describes the human condition at work and it extends beyond that of “employee engagement.” By definition, employees in organizations can be engaged positively or negatively with the vision, mission, strategy, and leadership style in organizations. Leaders of healthcare organizations need to understand how employees view the culture of their organization, including the root causes of why that culture is or is not “as good as it should be.”

Your Journey with Us

Stakeholder Strategy Alignment Evaluation

First, we survey the key stakeholders within your healthcare organization to identify misalignments.

CulturePulse and Alignment Evaluation

Next, we survey individuals within your healthcare organization regarding how they feel about the current culture of your organization.

Culture 360 Evaluation

Then we conduct one-on-one structured interviews to determine alignment of organizational culture as a driver of beliefs, culture, mission, and strategy for healthcare organizations.

Building a Belief System

Last, we help your organization build a belief system through presentations and/or coaching, catered to your organization's specific needs.

CulturePro Series

The CulturePro Series™ is an online series of video education and training modules designed and produced by Keystone specifically for healthcare organizations.