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This mini-case study is part of our Culture-in-Action Series.

Culture is the human condition “at work”. Culture works as an “invisible hand” within organizations for good or ill. All organizations have a culture whether by design or default. Culture can be defined, designed, deployed and directed within organizations. Culture is the leader’s choice.

Keystone defines culture within organizations as:

“The foundation of intrinsic beliefs that bind and inspire the behaviors of people in communities to pursue a mission and vision with unity and purpose.”

Work settings are “communities”.

Culture is, arguably, the most valuable and tangible asset of an organization. Keystone’s work with organizations demonstrates that the people of an organization can readily provide descriptions of the culture of “their organization” and they are able to provide qualitative evaluations of the state and status of the culture of the organization. Moreover, the people of an organization will hold strong opinions on how the culture affects the performance of the organization. The people of the organization will assume that the culture of the organization is “as the leaders wish it to be” unless there is a known and concerted effort by leaders to change the culture of the organization.

Keystone Culture Group Case Vignette:

Tony Dungy, Head Coach of the 2006 Super Bowl Champion, Indianapolis Colts, met one-on-one with each rookie to explain “the Colt’s Way”. The framework of the culture was introduced during this conversation. Dungy‘ s philosophy of culture of a championship team was a foundation of “family” and a selfless love of team and each team member by all others. Each team member is accountable for the development, welfare and performance of one self and that of each member of the team, on and off the field of play.

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