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The Keystone Way

Keystone Culture Group delivers The Keystone Way, which translates what is often feared by leaders as the impossible into a practical “Playbook of Culture.”  We have transformed the fundamentals of a winning, high-performing organizational culture into a curriculum of training, coaching tools, and techniques that leaders can use for application, management, evaluation and accountability.

Our Foundation of Beliefs: The 7 Pillars of Championship Culture

At Keystone, we believe the planning and practice of these behavioral pillars will give you the edge to WIN in your organization and will produce high-performing elite culture!

Keystone Field

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What We Do

    1. Keystone Culture “Training Camp”: An in-depth session conducted by Ben Utecht and Dr. Zismer for leaders in organizations, including governing boards, physician leaders, dyad leadership teams and all others who lead, teams in organizations. The “Training Camp” takes culture onto the “field of play” creating a unique “crosswalk” of culture from championship professional sports teams to high performing teams in organizations. Participants are provided a practical framework for integrating culture with their personal leadership development plans.
    2. Keystone CulturePro Series™: The CulturePro Series™ is an on-line series of video education and training modules designed and produced by Keystone specifically for health and healthcare organizations. The CulturePro Series™ is designed with a focus on Culture as the principal driver of performance in organizations. Dr. Daniel K. Zismer and Super Bowl Champion Ben Utecht have created a unique, affordable and scalable approach to reaching every individual in your organizationwith a sound and effective grounding in the connection between a well-designed and practiced culture as the key to championship performance. The foundation of the curriculum is championship cultures are decided, designed, deployed and directed and culture is the leaders’ choice.
      • The Rookie Series is a two-module package designed to introduce all employees, leaders and emerging leaders, to culture in organizations. Training will include practical and basic understandings of how culture affects performance of teams in organizations. The series also provides a framework for the user to build his or her personal “game plan” for becoming a culture leader within the organization. At Keystone we believe the Rookie Series is the foundation for creating high-performing and sustainable culture and that every member of an organization mustbe unified in understanding “what is culture, and how does it affect an organization?”
      • The Veteran Series is a comprehensive, “graduate-level” library of ten learning modules designed and produced for seasoned leaders who choose to take their understanding and skills in leading culture to a championship level. Seasoned “vets” can select one or all modules for self-development and as the basis for teaching those they lead.Keystone’s Veteran Series is the elite-level training program for healthcare leaders to fine-tune and practice their skills as leaders of culture in high-performing organizations.
    3. Understanding and Evaluating Culture in Organizations: Culture in organizations is a challenge to understand. Culture is often mislabeled, misunderstood, and misattributed to a variety of other factors that may or may not act upon the performance of organizations. Leaders need actionable, real time assessments of culture in the organization’s they lead. Keystone provides two uniquely designed tools to deliver cost effective and practical evaluations of the culture of the teams in organizations: Keystone’s “CulturePulse” and Keystone’s “Culture Alignment Profile.” Keystone’s “CulturePulse” is a 20-item, easily-administered questionnaire that links participants’ responses to a simple but telling final statement: “The culture of the organization is as good as it should be.” Results provided to leaders demonstrate how the underlying factors tested, individually and together, affect responses to this last key, foundational factor. Leaders are then able to “take the pulse” of the culture of the organization regularly, over time, by administering the last item only. Leaders can monitor the changes in direction of this final item with understandings of what, in the culture, is most likely affecting the trajectory of the culture pulse within the organization. Keystone’s “Culture Alignment Profile” demonstrates how important stakeholder groups align on factors important to culture and organizational performance. Stakeholder groups typically include governing boards, senior leadership teams, employed and independent physicians, clinical service line dyad leadership teams, and levels of middle managers. “Alignment Profiles” demonstrate disparities between groups. Displays of disparities serve as the springboard for constructive discussions facilitated by seasoned executive-level culture coaches from the Keystone team.
    4. The Leader’s “Culture Playbook”: The “Keystone Way” for the development of culture leadership is delivered to individuals and groups in the form of a personalized instructional video and on-line “Culture Playbook.” Leaders are guided in the development of their personal plan as a leader of culture for their team and as a leader in the organization. The “Culture Playbook” format, language, and method is patterned after the learnings form the “CulturePro” video training series. The Keystone “Culture Playbook” creates the connection between the theories of culture and the realities of leading culture in teams and organizations. When organizations sponsor multiple leaders to participate in the Keystone “CulturePro” training series, the “CulturePro PlayBook” serves as the link that creates a commonality of thought, purpose and action relating to the leading of culture for high performing organizations.
    5. Coaching and Senior Leadership Development: Keystone leaders are available to provide one-on-one coaching for members of board leaders and senior leaders in organizations. The focus of these engagements is the professional development of leaders as they relate to their roles, responsibilities and the accountabilities for the health and well-being of the culture of the teams they lead and that of the organization overall.
    6. Keynote Talks, Educational Sessions, and Seminar Setting Presentations: Presentations delivered by Ben Utecht, Dr. Daniel Zismer and other Keystone experts on the the culture of high performing organizations. The focus is the practice and practicality of connecting culture with performance, including teams, team work and how effective leaders make culture a primary goal and tool of leadership.
  • In-depth session with Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht and Dr. Daniel K. Zismer
  • Session length is adaptable to the needs of your organization
  • Take culture onto the “field of play” in your organization
  • Discover an elite framework for culture transformation using a unique “crosswalk” between championship professional sports teams and high-performing teams in organizations
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  • Elite online training curriculum for the creation of cultures of high performance
  • Courses include the Rookie Series, Veteran Series, and à la carte training modules
    • The Rookie Series is a two-module package designed to introduce all employees, leaders and emerging leaders, to culture in organizations.
    • The Veteran Series is the elite-level training program for healthcare leaders to fine-tune and practice their skills as leaders of culture in high-performing organizations.
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