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Keystone Culture Group delivers The Keystone Way, which translates what is often feared by leaders as the impossible into a practical “Playbook of Culture.”  We have transformed the fundamentals of a winning, high-performing organizational culture into a curriculum of training, coaching tools, and techniques that leaders can use for application, management, evaluation and accountability.

How We Win: The Keystone Way

Keystone Field

Our Services

  1. The “Keystone Way” – A half-day training camp, working with groups such as Governing Boards, Physician Leaders, Dyad Leadership Teams, Senior Leadership Teams, Managers, and All-Staff meetings for understanding the game plans of high-performing, winning cultures. The “Keystone Way” will help bring “on and off the field” clarity to the critical importance of Deciding, Designing, Deploying, and Directing championship culture for your business and organization.  This half-day session sets the stage with the basics, answering the most frequently asked questions; “What is culture?”, “Where does it come from?”, “Can leaders actually manage culture?”, “How do we understand the culture we have?”, “Where and how do we start to move it forward positively?”, and “Are there dos and don’ts for leaders to understand?”
  2. Culture Evaluation and Status Reports – Keystone will help you answer the question “Where are we now?” by applying experience, theory and evaluative science to the understanding of your organizational culture. The process provides the answers to the most fundamental questions: “What is the state of our culture today?” and “Where do we focus our efforts to improve it now?”
  3. The Keystone “Culture-Pro” Curriculum – An elite skill-building educational strategy for leaders and managers
    • Online training modules for learning and skill development
    • Online case studies of culture development
    • Online, fully-customizable culture curriculum, incorporating your organization’s identity, allowing complete distribution to all management and staffing defining the organizations culture and expectations.
    • Culture Pro Series: An online training library of the basics of culture, providing the foundation that all leaders and mangers start with. It is designed to get the entire team on the same playing field, ready to play the same game, by the same rules, from the same playbook.
    • Master Class Series: A curriculum based upon real case studies, designed to equip leaders to tackle real life culture issues with practical tools and techniques.
  4. Leadership Coaching and Development – A peer-to-peer program designed to help individual leaders deal with specific and more immediate challenges of culture as well as general leadership assessment and skills development.
  5. Culture Crisis Management – Customized “culture crisis intervention” and development. While culture is a “general state of being” for organizations, Keystone’s experience demonstrates that organizations operate from “micro-culture” systems as well: a culture of governance, a culture of senior leadership, a culture of physicians and medical staffs, a culture of mission, a culture of financial and resource management. There are times when a focused approach to one or more “micro-cultures” is required.
  6. Keystone Culture Accountability, “The Eye In The Sky”
    • Routine, fast and efficient, digitized evaluations of culture development
    • Online analytics and reporting; comparisons to peer group
    • Applications to leadership performance evaluations
  7. Leaders Choose Culture – Integrating culture with leadership performance evaluations, tools, techniques and methods to ensure that culture “rises to the top” of leadership development
  8. Major Transformational Shifts – Keystone helps prepare organizations for cultural transformation. We will evaluate if your organization is ready for transformation and provide necessary tools for preparation and coaching through the process. Innovative organizations are frequently faced with opportunities for transformative change. Because culture is the collective mindset of a community, preparing your organization for cultural transitions is necessary for positive change. Good ideas rarely fail because they weren’t good enough. They fail when they meet the destructive nature of an oppositional culture.

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